From the album Dance of My Life


The Dance Of My Life
By:Steve Knox
Coprright 2017 Nok-Nox Music BMI

Ive been checking her out
Shes lookin back at me no doubt
I think theres something going on (ooh)
Dont wanna look like a fool
Dont wanna play it too cool
Dont wanna trip on my first hello
Dont wanna keep it a curious connection
I wanna make an everlasting first impression
and keep it spontaneous

I wanna walk with her
I wanna talk with her
I wanna sit with her
I wanna cry with her
I wanna dance until the morning light
Practice every move until timing is right
as we dance through the night
The Dance of my Life

Dont know if this is a dream
Just A sweet Fantasy
That I would suddenly wake to see
Her smile is saying lets go
Her eyes are letting me know
Her body's moving to a slow love song
and showing more than a curious connection
Its even stronger than a lasting first impression
This Dream May coming true

Repeat Chorus

Dancing in a dream
Higher than a cloud
Swirling like the wind
Never touching down
All I wanna do
Is dance with you
All I wanna do
Is dance with you

Repeat Chorus